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Ride Cycle Fitting ~ About us


A racing cyclist (off and on) for the last 30 years and ex long-distance runner. Paul has experienced plenty of injuries of his own over the years. These injuries inspired him to study the subject of Biomechanics, bike set-up and eventually to train as a Cycle Fitter.

Why Choose Ride?

Paul qualified as a Cycle Fitter in 2010 at the SEROTTA International Cycling Institute (SICI) in the USA.

Since starting 'RIDE' in 2010 Paul has now completed close to 2,000 Cycle Fittings. Injury resolution has become his own a private mission and he's had great success with helping riders resolve and recover from niggling and long term injury.

Paul has developed a gimmick-free Fitting process. One based on honest opinion and a genuine motivation to help riders of all levels and disciplines get the most from their cycling.

Paul's focus on performance and injury (prevention and remedy) is a continuous journey. As new information becomes available and innovations are introduced we incorporate those deemed beneficial into our service.

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