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"noticed a significant increase"

I certainly found the session useful. It was really surprising to learn I pedalled so one-sided before. I went for a ride tonight and employed the pedalling technique you showed me. I noticed a significant increase in my average speed and the perceived power I was putting through the pedals, setting a couple of PBs along the way!
LS Cornwall

"pleased to report"

I'm pleased to report, I did a 40 miler at the weekend, a few very mild twinges in the right knee but absolutely no comparison to the pain I was in before! I followed your advice mid ride and arrived at home pain free!! Also, felt much more in control of the bike thanks to the handlebar repositioning and saddle height!
AB Devon

Thank you!

Thank you! I cycled 22 miles today around hilly route, I felt much more comfortable, moved less on the bike and enjoyed it more. It was well worth it!"
KT Cornwall

"Thanks so much"

Thanks so much for the bike fit yesterday - it was really enlightening and I took tons of useful stuff away with me on top of the actual fit. The difference to my riding made my day in the saddle hugely enjoyable.
JT Devon

wish I had it done sooner!

I have just returned from my first ride. The bike feels great and Strava says I was much quicker than normal! I felt stronger on flat roads. Really happy with the Fitting and only wish I had it done sooner!
NP North Devon

"done the trick"

The fitting seems to have done the trick! My back and neck were fine despite being on the bike for 4 hours over a hilly route – Great!
WU Somerset

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