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Ride Cycle Fitting Frequently Asked Questions

A post Fitting summary is provided for all full Fitting sessions. This details the final set up measurements - allowing the rider to apply this to another bike of the same type, similar geometry and frame size. Multiple bikes can be Fitted in the same session Pricing here Price List

No, the riding style and set up is different on MTB's. There will be very little similarity between the two.

If you are planning to keep your existing bike it's worth getting it Fitted. The final measurements can then help determine the correct size of the new bike. If the new bike will be your first it's worth using our 'Sizing Session' which will ensure the frame size and component choices are correct for you.

Retul is a great piece of technology but as with all approaches to Cycle Fitting the result will only ever be as good as the Fitter is at interpreting the data and applying logic and experience. Retul does provide important and accurate data but this still has to be applied to your bike with good old fashioned hex keys and, most importantly, the eye of an experienced Fitter.

No, quite the opposite. It's really beneficial to have a Fitting early in your cycling journey to iron out any issues and ensure your set up is sound before you increase the mileage and intensity. We carry out Fittings for everyone – casual cycle trail riders to professional racers and all ages - 8 years to 80!

As your fitness levels change, your set up will need to follow you. You shouldn't need to move more than a millimetre or two in either direction, but small adjustments will be required from time to time. If you change shoes, pedals, saddles or handlebars your fitting will need to be adjusted accordingly.

For this reason, we offer a free of charge 'follow up' within the first 8 weeks following the first fitting session. This allows for any further tweaks to be made and issues addressed. This session is intended to review the original bike with the original equipment; if equipment changes have been made by the rider a small charge will apply. The session lasts 45 minutes to an hour

The timing will depend on the individual. For a recreational/sportive rider with steady progress, 18 months to 2 years is sensible. For a competitive racing cyclist an annual 'pre-season' fitting is advised.

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